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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


  PETALING JAYA    26th April 2017              
                RAWANG    30th April 2017  
      MOVE SELF AHEAD        
by an empowerment chapter  
  • 52 coaching sessions. 
  • Business success worksheets and materials. 
  • Nutraceuticals worth RM1650/=
  • 52 weekly A4 lessons by post on selling.
  • 52 weekly A4 lessons by post on leadership.  
SKIN CARE WORKSHOP NEEDS worth RM899/= during the first 90 days after 10 workshops.
(subject to terms and conditions) 
K.Thiruselvam s/o T Kandasamy  Tel: 016-3712762
Mail: P O Box 1120, Jalan Semangat, 46870 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 


Soon in: *Penang  *Ipoh  *Seremban  *Johor Bahru  *Kuantan                         *Malacca  *Kota Bahru  *Kuching   *Kota Kinabalu   

Monday, March 13, 2017

What are you passionate about?

Do you have that passion to change your life for the better? Mine is.

If you do, it would only be natural that you would want to be with people of same passions and sharing same directed ambitions. 

Everyone secretly wants to see improvement in their lives. Everyone also has the ability and capacity to be passionate about seeing improvements in their lives. However, not everyone is going to be passionate about the same things and not everyone will exhibit the same degree of passion and commitment. No two persons are the same, they say.

Since passion is driven by different things for different people. What is passion? What are people passionate about? People can be passion for making money, passion for the product benefits, passion for healthy living, passion for helping others, passion for helping others live healthy life, passion for self, family, community and others living lives better with a greater future.

The successful pursuit of passions drives people to do what needs doing. The same pursuit has the potential to lead to and to deliver ultimately "a better life" for the pursuer of chosen passion.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017



The last quarter of 2017 is passing through very fast. 
One needs to be quick and it is this time of year before the end of 2017, to reflect and decide. Is it not time to make business start up goals and decisions for 2018.

Why now? TIME WILL NOT WAIT and July will show soon that six months has gone. Well it is proven that most people make life altering decisions at any time of their lives or any part of a given year. It might be because they are disappointed with the way the ending year passed by, goals weren't achieved...and an overall attitude of not satisfied feel prevails. 

Well, start planning. Think about you financial situation, your job and the possible moves that you could make to make to be "free". So do you already have what it takes to start your own small full or part time business? To become your own boss? 

Let's first get you to try the MAY WE MEET & GREET testto see if you actually have what it takes.Once we have met and greeted and are finished and if you don't have what it takes, don't give up. Not yet! Take the time to consider the smallest, learnable business and get started. Start the pedalling! Maybe you just need a little push! Maybe you want to shadow another! Maybe you want hand held coaching! 

Maybe it is just that little listening, encouragement and assistance in getting started with a small business. Once you join us, you would benefit from coaching, training, tools, checklist, monitoring, favourable mentoring, fellowship and other resources. 

Just remember, do not give up. If you are ready, you want to be your own boss and willing to get nudged to move on, we believe in you and work with you. The MAY WE MEET & GREET test is extremely helpful when it comes to deciding on starting your own small business and achieving your goals in 2017.

The final step is to join and get started. But don't just expect all to happen... without the procedural systematic course of action. Ignition triggers action. The year is not done yet. You can still get a head start into 2017. Nothing gets to be achieved if you aren't willing to push self forward. It is always MOVE SELF AHEAD. Only you can get ready to achieve your business goals. Only you can desire and want to make your business a success. Get ready to startup and to develop your business. 2017 will pass like 2016. Do not let another year pass by. Act right now to access your success path and journey. 

YOU ARE INVITED TO LEARN how to transition smoothly from working for starting, building and succeeding in your own business, to bullet proof your income and prepare the future the way you want it to be. You have to plan your escape from the corporate clutch to living your own dreams. Beginning from Petaling Jaya, several Malaysian locations await you in 2017. 

Which of these two would be most helpful to you? 
                                           "Wonderful Wednesday Women" @ 
"Move Self Ahead"
Contact K Thiruselvam @ 016-3712762 


started small. Some started from home. Some started with rented premises. Some started single handedly. Some started in partnership. Some started with big capital and inventory. Some started with small or no capital and either a small or no inventory. You can start from home. You can start single handedly, with a small capital and a small or no inventory.

You will love the way we teach and show you how to MOVE SELF AHEAD. Both and       show details and share the many waiting benefits of being trained step by step into owning a business that offers you success in either nutraceuticals, skin care or both. 

MOVE SELF AHEAD is a training programme coupled with coaching and hand held actual practical sessions and experiences, that will enable you to     move at your pace. MOVE SELF AHEAD is spread thinly over 52 weeks with in class training, in the market place coaching, actual sharings and self improvement lessons spread over 52 weeks, with an abundance of mentoring one another. 
MOVE SELF AHEAD is not just to earn an extra income. 
MOVE SELF AHEAD is your opportunity on a business platform. 
MOVE SELF AHEAD is for everyone.
School leavers, Graduates, Stay Home Mothers and Housewives, Retired and even employees are welcome to get started with MOVE SELF AHEAD.

Everything from an introduction session to the stage where your ability and confidence level is raised to being on your own two feet is realised and continued thereafter. MOVE SELF AHEAD is more than a business opportunity. Call it a total personal development opportunity. MOVE SELF AHEAD will enable you to smell sweet success from your dining table and outwards. Your business will grow. Your business will expand to fill as you shift, change and tailor to accommodate within your available time, resources, energy and ambition. 

We at Sami Direct Sdn Bhd are setting aside WEDNESDAYS from 3pm to 9pm with a mix of activities for your betterment. We are at Level 7, Tower One, Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat, Section 13, 46100, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. All current and future entrepreneurs are welcome. Experiences is not really necessary. Evaluate for yourself. Decide to choose and to     replace the life and styles of the past and present with a future that provides both time and freedom. 
Call K.Thiru at  016-3712762.